Queen’s University Releases Plan for Cultural Inclusivity

Published on: 2010/10/04 - in Releases

A plan of action released today points the university’s way forward in addressing inclusivity on campus.

“I am pleased with the measures outlined in the Diversity and Equity Task Force (DET) Plan of Action and I support it as a means to shaping a culture of inclusivity at Queen’s,” says Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Bob Silverman. “This is an important step towards ensuring our campus provides a positive learning and working environment and that all members of our community feel valued and supported.”

The plan focuses on shorter-term programs and initiatives that could make a positive impact on the climate of inclusivity. It encourages engagement in current processes – like the academic planning exercise – that could lead to progress on educational equity goals and strategies during the 2010-11 academic year. It also paves the way for a longer-term plan in April that will address additional programs and initiatives pending approval and recovery of the budget situation.

“Ongoing academic and other planning exercises provide opportunities for incorporating equity and diversity considerations into the core of decision-making,” says Adnan Husain, Director of Educational Equity and Diversity Projects who also chairs the DET. “So many of our current activities promote opportunities for integrating equity and diversity into curriculum, academic objectives, and strategic plans for advancement and international programs.”

As one of the recommendations in the Plan of Action, the DET is facilitating a collaborative diversity workshop for senior administration next week with Irène Bujara, Director of the Human Rights Office and the University Advisor on Equity, Wayne Myles, Director of Queen’s University International Centre, Gordon Smith, Chair of the Council on Employment Equity, and Adnan Husain, Director of Educational Equity Projects.

An inventory of diversity and equity programs, resources, and initiatives was necessary in formulating the DET Plan of Action.

The inventory is a resource for the university community about what programs and initiatives support inclusivity at Queen’s and where we stand in relation to recommendations from past diversity and equity reports that focused particularly on the climate for racialized minorities on campus.

“It was necessary to assess current programs and determine priorities for action this year and longer term strategic plans for the future,” says Dr. Husain. “It is an ongoing process and if there are programs or initiatives not represented I’d appreciate knowing at det@queensu.ca.”