Queen’s Professor Wins National Geography Award

Published on: 2010/07/08 - in Releases

Joan Schwartz recently received the Geography in the Service of Government or Business Award from the Canadian Association of Geographers.

The award recognizes a person who has carried out major work in the public or private sector.

“Because I have worked outside the usual boundaries of the discipline throughout my professional career, I am especially delighted to be the recipient of this award,” said Dr. Schwartz, associate professor in the Department of Art.

She has contributed in a highly distinctive way to the profession of geography, at the same time shaping scholarship and debate in related fields.

Dr. Schwartz is a Queen’s National Scholar in the Department of Art, one of the few geographers teaching in an art history program in Canada. Prior to her appointment, she served as a specialist in photography acquisition and research at the National Archives of Canada for more than two decades.

She has published and lectured widely in the field of archives, historical geography and the history of photography.