Queen’s Professor Receives Fulbright Scholarship

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Art history professor and cultural studies director Lynda Jessup is one of a dozen Canadians to be awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.

Professor Jessup will begin her studies at the Rockefeller Archive Center in New York State in September looking at how Canadian art exhibitions were used as an instrument of foreign and domestic policy from 1936 to 1974.

There are no studies dealing with the use of high culture in advancing foreign and domestic policy and few people realize the ways in which Canadian art has been used abroad for political purposes, says Professor Jessup.

She was surprised to learn her application for the scholarship was accepted.

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“There was a long delay in announcement of the results, so I assumed that I didn’t get one, so when I did, I could hardly believe it. I’m really excited,” she says.

Queen’s will also host an American Fulbright scholar. Scott Erickson, a professor of marketing at Ithaca College in New York State will be at Queen’s as the Fulbright-Queen’s School of Business Research Chair. While here, Professor Erickson will conduct research on the management of knowledge-based enterprises.

The Fulbright program is an educational movement based on the principle of scholarly exchange between the United States and various countries from around the world. The Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program began in 1991. It attempts to enhance mutual understanding and promote Canada-U.S. relations by supporting research on contemporary public policy issues relevant to Canada, the United Sates, and the relationship between the two countries.