Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Published on: 2019/02/07 - in Releases

Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, including a special event later this month at The Ambassador Hotel:

RELEASE — Thousands of young girls and women get pregnant every year, but what do they do if it is an unplanned or stressful pregnancy? Where can they turn for help and support? Who can they talk to about their options?

Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre has been serving the KFL&A area for 30 years helping woman and their families and meeting this important need.

The Centre first opened its doors on October 26th, 1989, and since then they have welcomed over 1700 new clients. They have performed over 950 pregnancy tests, had over 2300 visits to their Care Closet for diapers, formula, clothes and more. They have helped over 180 post-abortive clients and have had over 5500 total client visits.

“We are so excited to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. It has been a privilege to help so many young women and their families,” says Elizabeth Sacrey, Executive Director. “I am honored to be a part of KPCC at this time and thankful for all of those who have been here before me and helped get us to where we are today.”

The Centre will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary Gala at The Ambassador Hotel and Conference Centre on Monday, February 25th, 2019. The evening will feature guest speakers, client testimonies and a historical picture slideshow.

The Centre exists to empower women and men facing unplanned pregnancies with practical help, emotional support, and information about their pregnancy options. All of the services are free and confidential, which makes them a valuable asset to the Kingston community. The Centre offers pregnancy tests, prenatal and parenting classes, mentoring, community referrals and post-abortion support to name a few of the free services provided.

The Centre offers prenatal and parenting classes to their clients, which are facilitated by a non-practicing registered nurse who volunteers her time to the centre. She is also available to clients as a birth coach for those who would otherwise be alone during delivery.

Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, national origin, age, gender, sexuality or lifestyle of its clients.

Some client comments include, “Non-Judgemental, there to listen and provide answers to my questions.” “I found that learning about my options was most helpful.” “The support worker was very kind, knowledgeable and easygoing, and she really helped.” “Discreet, kind and understanding, just what I needed.”

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