Peter Milliken to Join Queen’s University School of Policy Studies

Published on: 2011/06/16 - in Releases

Peter Milliken, the longest-serving Speaker of the House of Commons, is joining Queen’s University as a Fellow in the School of Policy Studies.

“I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to do more teaching at Queen’s. It’s something I’ve been doing ever since I was elected and I’m happy that I will now be able to do it on a more consistent basis,” said Mr. Milliken.

Mr. Milliken, a Queen’s alumnus (Arts ’68) and Kingston native, will contribute to the School of Policy Studies’ teaching, research and outreach activities, particularly in the fields of governance and policy-making in Parliamentary democracies.

“We are extremely fortunate that the Hon. Peter Milliken has agreed to join the school as a Fellow. Mr. Milliken is the world leader on the way in which the Westminster-based Parliamentary systems work,” says School of Policy Studies director Peter Harrison. “He will add unique knowledge and wisdom to all of the school’s academic and outreach activities. Our students will benefit directly from Mr. Milliken’s extensive experience.”

He was first elected speaker in 2001 and held the title until he retired from politics earlier this year. His high profile career as speaker was notable for the number of tie-breaking votes he cast, as well as several historic rulings. Milliken prevented a federal election by breaking a tie vote on an amendment to the 2005 federal budget. Mr. Milliken also met with many foreign dignitaries, including President Barack Obama.

Conservative Foreign Affairs minister John Baird said Milliken would “go down in history as, if not one of the best Speakers, the best Speaker the House of Commons has ever had.”

Milliken practiced law from 1973 until 1988 when he was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands. He was re-elected in six consecutive elections between 1993 and 2008. His other parliamentary roles have included Assistant Party House Leader (House Business), Member of the Standing Committee on House Management, Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader, Deputy Speaker, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, and Chairman of the Committees of the Whole House.

Queen’s Principal Daniel Woolf is happy Mr. Milliken is coming home to Queen’s.

“As a champion of parliamentary democracy who served the Parliament of Canada for many years, Peter Milliken’s expertise and experience will add a rich perspective to the School of Policy Studies,” said Dr. Woolf.


Release source: Queen’s University News Centre