Meet Author Pegi Eyers at Chapters Kingston Book Signing

Published on: 2017/09/15 - in Releases

Pegi Eyers at Chapters bookstore

“Learning from First Nations brings great responsibility,” says author Pegi Eyers.

With her new book Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community she delves into developing good intercultural competency skills, charting the route to reconciliation, and the many pathways to earth connectivity for all people.

From three years of research Ancient Spirit Rising digs deep, and provides clear and concise guidelines to important questions. What can be done to right the wrongs of history? What is our responsibility in the nation-to-nation relationship that built Canada? What can we do to effectively make change?

Meet author Pegi Eyers, a leader in the Ancestral Arts movement, at a book signing at Chapters Kingston this Saturday, September 23 from 1 – 4 pm.

Ancient Spirits Rising book coverIn her quest to discover the truth about the Settler/First Nations divide, Pegi’s strong bonds to the natural world provided the anchor for her thinking and writing process. She sees herself as part of a new generation of Canadians who are “awake and aware,” and combining social justice work and peacemaking with other spiritual paths.

In addition to the environmental awareness happening in society, Ancient Spirit Rising delves into the fascinating new movement to find ancestral connections that define our self-identity, and the recovery of our specific ethnocultures. In fact, what better place to find the tools and worldviews we need moving forward, than from our own heritage?

The wisdom of our communal past holds the seeds for the future. And for those who hear the “call of the wild,” or are yearning for a more intimate relationship with nature, today’s exciting movements in animism, rewilding, voluntary simplicity, slow food, eco-living and sustainable community are all outlined in Ancient Spirit Rising.

An all-inclusive blend of cultural studies, social commentary, ecospirituality and practices for recovering the Old Ways, Ancient Spirit Rising is a compendium for change!

Join the author Pegi Eyers for this exciting book launch and signing at Chapters Kingston this Saturday from 1 – 4 pm. You can learn more about the author and her work at

Release and photos source: Pegi Eyers