24 Hours to Queen’s Homecoming in Support of Mind Over Miles

Published on: 2018/10/04 - in Releases

Inspired by Canadian hero Terry Fox who passionately toured our country raising awareness, 10 lifelong friends, housemates, teammates and classmates at Queen’s University are racing the clock and running to their former house at 254 Alfred Street in Kingston, ON to raise awareness for mental health on their expedition to Homecoming.

This challenge is in support of Mind Over Miles (“MOM”) a charity founded by fellow classmate and friend, Virginia McKinnell.

The run begins Thursday, October 18 at 6:00pm and is expected to end by Friday October 19th at 6:00pm (or better).

Mind Over Miles is a Toronto-based run club founded to raise funds and awareness for mental health. All donations are made to the Murphy Centre for Mental Health at Sunnybrook.

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Mental illness comes in all shapes and forms and can manifest itself in ways most people aren’t aware of. Our goal at Mind Over Miles is to create a community of runners who are positive-minded and dedicated to creating a future where mental health is viewed just like any other health issue.

Ultimately,we aim to impart a greater understanding of mental illness in hopes that those afflicted are in the best position to help themselves and receive help from others.

Release & photo: Mind Over Miles