Know What to Flush: Help Avoid Sewage Back-Ups at Home

Published on: 2015/10/22 - in Featured Releases

Utilities Kingston is reminding residents to never flush wipes or feminine hygiene products – even if the package claims they’re flushable.

Such products do not break down in the plumbing and treatment systems. Flushing them causes sewage back-ups in homes and costly break-downs of wastewater treatment equipment, which in turn can potentially contaminate local waterways and pose a health and safety risk.

Utilities Kingston is currently focusing public awareness messages on motivating customers not to flush wipes, feminine hygiene products, fats, oils, greases, dental floss, needles, hair and other unwanted items. Here’s how to properly dispose of the top problem-causing things:

1. Wipes of any kind – Cleaning, baby and hand wipes go in the garbage, even if the package claims they are flushable.
2. Feminine hygiene products – These go in the garbage, along with associated applicators and packaging, even if the package claims they are flushable.
3. Fats, oils and greases (“FOGs”) – Wipe greasy pans with a paper towel and put it in the Green Bin. Dispose of solidified fats and grease in a carton (plastic spout removed) in your Green Bin. Dispose of cooking oil in a screw-top container in your garbage.
4. Larger food particles – Use a strainer in your sink to catch food scraps and other solids. These go in your Green Bin.

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Release source: Utilities Kingston | Photo: Matthew Paul Argall on Wikimedia Commons