Kingston Recycling Not Affected by International Policy Changes

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The City of Kingston has issued the following release to confirm its recyclables are still sold on the recycling market following changes in international recycling policy:

You may have heard that other municipalities are having difficulties selling items their residents put out for recycling due to international policy changes. This is not the case in Kingston.

In order for an item to be considered “recyclable” the municipality must be able to sell it on the recycling market. The recyclable products bundled for sale at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC) are considered high-quality goods on the recycling market because of the City’s collection and processing methods. The City’s alternating blue/grey box recycling collection system and its low-tech, manual sorting process, allows it to produce a superior-quality product that is largely acceptable to markets in North America.

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“It’s recycling as usual in Kingston. We understand that these articles are alarming and that many members of the Kingston community are concerned and have questions about impacts to Kingston’s program, or what it means for the future of the recycling program,” says Heather Roberts, director, solid waste. “We’re happy to report that the finished recyclable products at the City’s facilities are high quality as a result of the collection and processing methods used so there is still a market for our goods at this time.”

The solid waste services department is carefully monitoring changes to the sale of recyclables in the market. No changes are expected for the City’s recycling program at this time. Kingston has not sent any processed recyclables to landfill from its facility.

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Release and video image: City of Kingston