Online Prenatal Course Offered in Kingston

Published on: 2011/06/06 - in Releases
In the busy day-to-day lives of parents-to-be, finding a way to schedule prenatal classes into the already-busy routines can be challenging. KFL&A Public Health is making it a little easier for parents-to-be with a new online prenatal course available as an alternative to in-person classes. The prenatal program promotes optimum health for mother and baby, promotes breastfeeding, and encourages them to plan for a positive birth and parenting experience. Registration for the online course is $30 per registrant by calling KFL&A Public Health at 613-549-1232 or 1-800-267-7875, ext. 1567.

“The program is designed to prepare the expectant parent for pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting,” said Heather Dickson, public health nurse with KFL&A Public Health. Expectant parents are encouraged to start the program before their twentieth week of pregnancy. “By starting at that stage of the pregnancy, they learn about the choices they can make to have a healthier pregnancy and baby. Women and couples are often more motivated to look after themselves when they are pregnant and the healthy practices they start then can last a lifetime.”

The program covers seven areas including childbirth education and labour support, discomforts of pregnancy, understanding labour and delivery, a labour guide, caring for yourself postpartum, breastfeeding your newborn, and caring for your newborn. In an online format, the program’s e-book also includes information on prenatal care, growing a healthy family, breathing and relaxation, your new baby, breastfeeding, becoming parents, and resources in the KFL&A area.

A number of learning tools are used in this program to help users understand the various topics covered, including playing audio versions of the information on the screen, videos that explain and visualize information, FYI sections with extra information, special words that can be rolled over with the mouse to obtain more information, print-ready PDFs to download, as well as games and puzzles to further enhance learning. While there is a component on breastfeeding, clients will still be encouraged to attend an in-person breastfeeding class.

Release source: KFLA Public Health | Photo: Wikimedia Commons