City Seeks Votes for Favourite Livable City Design

Published on: 2011/09/20 - in Releases

Nominations have been gathered for the 2011 Livable City Design Awards, which celebrate excellence in building project design, and now it’s time for Kingstonians to vote for their favourite to win the People’s Choice Award.

To vote, go to and review the list of nominated design projects and then choose your favourite through the Your Opinion survey.  Kingstonians may also vote in person by visiting the displays at the Central, Isabel Turner and Pittsburgh branches of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library (see for branch locations).

“These ambitious projects aim for excellence. Many of them are distinctly ‘Kingstonian’ in their approach – they are built to be sustainable, show innovative elements and respect their heritage elements and surroundings,” says Cherie Mills, Manager, Policy Planning.

A panel of external jurors evaluated the projects in early September. Now it’s time for the public to have its say by voting for the People’s Choice Award. Votes for the People’s Choice Award will be accepted until Wednesday, Oct. 5.

The 2011 Livable City Design Awards has 40 nominated projects, all of which were completed between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2010 and are visible and/or accessible to the public.

To be eligible, the 2011 projects had to have exceptional, high quality and individual designs.  The designs are being evaluated on these criteria:

* Significance: City Wide Scale – Contribution to the City’s design objectives as related to the City’s image, visual identity, vistas, skyline, and streetscapes;
* Significance: Community Scale – Contribution to the quality of the environment within a community, the demonstration of regard for the context of the locale, and enhancing a sense of place and personal safety or reinforcing a unique history;
* Innovation – The degree of creative response to project requirements and site constraints, and the ability to influence trends;
* Context – The relationship or blending of built form and spaces with existing and planned development, and respect for, or enhancement of, the area’s character;
* Execution – The quality of construction materials, and the interpretation of the design into reality;
* Green Design – Demonstrates an integrated approach to design that supports environmental and sustainable site and building practices; and,
* Accessibility – Displays a high standard of Universal Design principles.

Heritage Conservation projects also have to display the highest standards of conservation practices. “The people who design and build these projects are literally building our city.  Their work is something the whole community can take pride in,” says Mills.

The Livable City Design Awards will be handed out on Wednesday, Oct. 26 in the Wilson Room at the Central branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library at 6 p.m. (award presentations start at 7 p.m. following a reception).

Plan to get there by bus:


Release source: City of Kingston