City to Resume Hanson Garage Repairs

Published on: 2011/04/15 - in Releases

The City of Kingston will resume its work to rehabilitate the Hanson Parking Garage lot next week.

The parking garage, on Brock Street near Wellington Street, will remain open for the duration of the repair work scheduled over the spring and summer months.

Some parking spaces will be closed at times to accommodate the repairs. When necessary, accessible parking spaces will be relocated near the elevator on a level unaffected by construction, or to an alternate location on the main level.

The $1.3 million in repairs being made will address the Hanson Garage’s:

– steel columns, girders, beans and concrete slab
– seal at its expansion joint
– stair block wall and guard rails
– drainage system
– elevator entrance and sill
– waterproof membrane

Last year’s work included the installation of energy-efficient lighting which is expected to save $9,300 in annual energy costs while improving visibility for those using the garage at any time of day.

This project is a continuation of the work on downtown parking garages initiated in 2010.  The work to the Chown and Robert Bruce Parking lots is now complete and these nearby lots can be used by motorists as an alternative to the Hanson Garage. For more alternative parking options, see, or

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