Suicide Prevention Kayak Fundraiser Begins in Kingston

Published on: 2015/05/22 - in Featured Releases

On Sunday May 24th, Styves St-Pierre will hit Ontario’s water with his kayak to fundraise for suicide prevention.

St-Pierre’s adventure will last from 40 to 60 days. He will travel 1300 km in his kayak from Kingston (event launch begins 10 am at the Kingston Yacht Club), to Percé, Québec.

Combining his passion for kayaking and his desire to help others, he came up with his personal answer to raise awareness suicide prevention: “Le Grand Voyage”.

“Styves is making all residents of Victoriaville proud and shows how each one of us, in our own way, can be agent of change in our environment,” said Alain Rayes, Victoriaville’s Mayor.

Styves is a paramedic and he witnessed how much pain suicide is creating in our country, in every age group, in every social class.

Many people joined him to support him in his adventure. Do not hesitate to share his story and get more donations for a good cause.

“It is important to me to take action now. I want to share my good health and energy with others. Suicide is a very important problem in our society,” Said St-Pierre. “I am doing this big adventure with the hope of raising awareness so others will seek help before ending their own adventure,” he added.

You can make a donation at (site is in French – clicking the donate button will bring you to the paypal donor page)

“Every day, 3 Quebecers take their own life. Styves’s commitment along with the organizers of the ”Grand Voyage” are an inspiring example of citizen engagement. They are the living proof that people can make a difference in suicide prevention by unifying people around a cause and raising awareness for it,” said Jérôme Gaudreault, general director of Association québécoise de prévention du suicide.

Release source: Grand Voyage via Josh Hemond