National Innitiative to Raise Children’s Rights Awareness

Published on: 2011/02/16 - in Releases

Psychology professor Wendy Craig, one of the country’s leading experts on child bullying, is part of a new national initiative aimed at raising children’s awareness of their human rights.

“If children are treated with respect, then they are more likely to treat others with respect,” says Dr. Craig. “Informing our children and youth about their rights can protect them from abuse, as well as help them to understand how they can protect and treat other people better.”

Dr. Craig is the co-director of Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence (PREVNet), a national strategy aimed at moving the scientific understanding of bullying into practice and evaluation.

PREVNet, with MyHealthMagazine, UNICEF Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, has created a series of engaging and youth-friendly articles about the rights and freedoms that are promised to children under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The articles are available at

The site includes a quiz and a contest to help engage youth. In addition to the online format, various social media channels are encouraging youth to visit the site, including Facebook and Twitter. Topics include protecting the basic needs of young people, participation rights, wants and needs, and the right to safety.


Release source: Queen’s University News Centre