City to Increase Parking Fines for First Time in Over 25 Years

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The City of Kingston has announced that fines will increase for two kinds of parking violations beginning February 1.

The move to increase these fines – for the first time in more than 25 years – was part of the City’s parking fees and fines review that was conducted and approved by city council in 2016.

The two increases include “Failing to display a parking receipt”, which is currently $15 (with a $10 early payment option) and will grow to $25 with an early payment option of $20 as of February. The other affected fine “Parking at an expired meter” is currently $15 (with an early payment of $10) and will increase to $20 with an early payment option of $15.

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Tickets for these parking violations are handed out in City-owned lots and in regulated on-street parking areas.

“As parking rates increase, it is important to also increase penalties for parking violations,” said Ian Semple – manager, service development – in a release. “Fines should be high enough to discourage people from attempting to avoid paying the parking fee.”

Semple recommends Kingston motorists download the Honk Mobile app, which allows you to pay for parking in many downtown lots using your smart phone. The app includes a feature to reminder you when there is 15 minutes left on your parking period, enabling the driver to top up and avoid fines.

The HonkMobile app can be downloaded at or on the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

For more information about Kingston’s parking services, visit

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