HR PeopleSoft Launch Delayed at Queen’s University

Published on: 2010/11/09 - in Releases

The new HR PeopleSoft administration system will come online in 2011 rather than the end of this year as anticipated. Detailed readiness assessments completed recently looked at testing, training, knowledge transfer, support and production requirements. They also considered the demands placed on staff time by other important priorities at the university.

“The QUASR team is working consistently towards the successful launch of the new HR system,” says QUASR program director Jim Carse. “Pre-production assessments are required in a project of this size to make sure we confirm all areas of readiness and optimal timing for the system launch. ”

Feedback from the campus community in recent meetings, focus groups and an online survey has also underscored the lesson that those touched by the new PeopleSoft systems need time to learn how to use the new software and understand changing business processes. They require high-quality training and sustained support to be effectively prepared for the transition.

”A transition to the new HR PeopleSoft system in 2011 will better enable the university to reduce implementation risks and meet high quality standards for rigorous testing, optimal training and effective support,” says director of organizational development and learning, Julie Mekarksi.

A critical part of testing includes extensive parallel processing to track the performance of the new payroll system against the current production system. The revised timetable also provides users more time to learn about the new system, the key skills they will need, and how it might affect their work processes.

“The QUASR and HR teams continue to work steadily to ensure the new administrative systems meets the needs of the university community,” says Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Bob Silverman. “Full benefits of the new system will be realized in the long-term with decreased risk to the university and increased efficiencies for processing information.”

A date for launching HR PeopleSoft in 2011 will be confirmed in coming weeks after a careful check of revised project timelines against other demanding production activities such as payroll processing cycles, T4s and financial year-end as well as busy periods for academic and research activities.

Changes associated with the HR PeopleSoft launch will not affect timelines for the second release of the PeopleSoft Student system in March 2011.