Kingston Teachers Receive Healthy Active Living Award

Published on: 2011/06/17 - in Releases

The Wess Garrod HEAL Award is an annual award that recognizes employees of the Limestone District School Board who have contributed in a variety of ways to the promotion and improvement of Healthy Living for All.

When Supervising Principal Wess Garrod retired in 2006, a HEAL plaque was presented to him as a reminder of his personal and professional dedication in the area of student and staff wellness. The Healthy Living for All Award recognizes Wess’ commitment during his career with the Board and still today, active pursuing these goals in the greater community award winners for the Wess Garrod award.

This year, two worthy individuals were recognized – one at a system level and one at a school level. Congratulations to Hollie Carter, and Anne Powers the 2011 Wess Garrod HEAL Award recipients, who were recognized last night, June 15 at a regular Board meeting.

Hollie Carter joined the Frontenac Public School staff in February 2011. She is a Long Term Occasional Teacher who had experience teaching in Toronto and is now a great benefit to our students here in Limestone.

Hollie’s family is dedicated to promoting health and wellness at home, school and in the community. Her  partner and her are both qualified as Can Fit Instructors and practice fitness at home as well as teach within the community.

Hollie shares healthy recipes with staff and teaches & models healthy eating habits with her primary students. In class, she shares the importance of regular physical activity and incorporates fitness into other subject areas. She also runs a Girls Fitness class three times per week, co-coaches the Running Club and helps to supervise the Running and Reading Community Event each Thursday night.

As a teacher new to our board and our school, we are thoroughly impressed and appreciate her dedication to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Anne Powers has been involved in many board-wide activities and initiatives in order to promote and celebrate Healthy Living and has taken on a leadership role this year – on her year off – as the Chair of the HEAL Committee.

Anne has worked as Chair of the HEAL committee through a year of change and has provided leadership as the committee split into two parts – Student Wellness and Staff Wellness.

Throughout the year Anne has planned meaningful meetings for staff to improve and celebrate what they are doing at their own sites to make their school a Healthy School.  She consistently came back to the theme of the Importance of Healthy Schools for not only student well being, but academic achievement.

During her spare time, Anne has worked to create a multi-media presentation representing all the Healthy Schools initiatives that are happening throughout our district.  This will be able to be used as tool not only to celebrate what we are doing, but encourage other schools to adopt this initiative.

Anne has also initiated the Healthy Habits newsletters that go out to teachers once a month.  These newsletters contain pertinent information for staff to consider when teaching students about Healthy Active Lifestyles.  Anne has worked collaboratively with Public Health in producing these newsletters.

Prior to Anne taking on the role of Chair of the HEAL committee, she was a lead teacher in both her school and district when the Daily Physical Activity Policy was introduced in 2005.  She took on the role of being the Healthy School Champion and provided leadership to both students and staff and Sydenham PS.  I anticipate that she will continue this role when she returns from her year off and lead the charge not only the Healthy Schools initiative, but with supporting the implementation of the revised Health and Physical Education curriculum and the new Food and Beverage Policy.

Anne would be most deserving of the Wess Garrod Award.  She has an amazing work ethic and she aims to add her creative touch whenever possible as she shares her passion for a Positive Healthy Lifestyle.


Photo: Pictured left to right: Principal Peter Dendy, Vice Principal Cathy Carson, Hollie Carter, Wess Garrod.

Release / Photo source: Limestone District School Board