Getting to the Core of Apple Inc. News: Tech in Review for July 27th

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Monday: The U.S. Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit ruled on Monday that Kodak did not infringe the Apple patents for making digital cameras and related software. You’d think Apple would be more lenient with patents considering the how they raided Xerox early in the company’s history. I guess lawyers need something to do…

Say Cheese: Kodak vs Apple Patent Verdict

Tuesday: Another broadside shot is fired in the ongoing patent wars, this time against long time frenemy Samsung Electronics. Apple Inc claims it is due $2.525 bazillion dollars (or maybe it was billion dollars). This estimate came to light Tuesday after court papers were filed. Apple claims the Galaxy phone and tablets “work and look” like Apple’s venerable iPhone and iPad. Breaking News: Panhard et Levassor is suing major car companies for using steering wheels in their vehicles, continuing this trend France is suing the United States of America for using “Red White and Blue” in their flag design.

Sour Apple: Apple Claims Damages in Samsung Case

Wednesday: Apple’s stock dropped from about $600 to $577 as investors were made aware of Apple’s profit margin shortfall. Of course with the iPhone 5 right around the corner don’t be surprised if the stock rises above $600 soon. Why didn’t I invest in Apple in 2004 when it was $10 a share?! ARG!

Apple Stock Not Invincible: Declining Profit Margins for Apple

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Thursday: Fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec got a rather impressive offer from Apple – $356 million to be exact. Fingerprint scanning on cell phones has been used in Japan for years, it’s a great way to authenticate you are who you say you are. Apple has added several patents to its portfolio for later use, either in their own devices or as lawsuit fodder. Instead of “Swipe to Unlock” it might be “Scan Thumb Here”… I hope it ignores Cheetos dust.

Digital Buy-Out: Apple Aquires AuthenTec

Friday: In an uncharacteristic move Apple’s head of software platform security talked at the Black Hat conference. For those who don’t break 32-bit encryption over their lunch break the Black Hat conference is a gathering of hackers and cyber attack experts, it has been taking place for 15 years (this year in Las Vegas). Although Apple showed confidence in their security during the talk the fact you can still jailbreak an iPhone means their security
measures are not quite perfect.

Hats Off to Apple! Apple Talks Security at Hacker Conference


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