New Fellowships to Help Queen’s University Attract Young Researchers

Published on: 2011/09/19 - in Releases

Frances Bonier (Biology) and Alex Schwartz (Political Studies) are among the first recipients of the Government of Canada’s Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Dr. Bonier has been affiliated with Queen’s for several years as an adjunct assistant professor.

“The Banting Fellowship offers me a great opportunity to extend my research at Queen’s and advance my academic career,” she says.

Dr. Bonier’s research will involve manipulating the levels of stress hormones in tree swallows and observing the subsequent effects on breeding and parental behaviour. Dr. Bonier will conduct her studies at the Queen’s University Biological Station. She will work with Bob Montgomerie, a professor in the biology department and a Queen’s University Research Chair.

While Dr. Bonier has been at Queen’s for several years, Dr. Schwartz recently arrived in Kingston having completed his PhD at Queen’s University of Belfast. Among other things, the Banting Fellowship will allow him to complete a book based on his doctoral research and edit a collection of academic articles that examine rights in divided societies.

Dr. Schwartz will work closely with John McGarry, the Canada Research Chair in Nationalism and Democracy, as well as other scholars connected to the Ethnicity and Democratic Governance Project based at Queen’s.

“The network here at Queen’s is amazing for my research areas. The fellowship gives me a chance to be in a great place for two years surrounded by influential figures in the fields of diversity, multi-national federalism, and accommodation of minorities,” he says.

Dr. Schwartz’s research interests include sub-state constitutionalism (where one constitutional order is nested within another in the same country). During his fellowship, he will examine the tensions that arise in such cases and how they might be managed so that both pluralism and integrity are respected.

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, which was established by the federal government last year, is intended to attract and retain top-tier postdoctoral talent and position them for success as research leaders of tomorrow.

The next application deadline is November 2. Visit the website for full details and application rules.


Release source: Queen’s University | Photo source: Wikipedia