One Month to Go: Election Signs Now Permitted

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Election campaign signs were permitted to be displayed as of September 22, 2018.

Candidates for mayor and council, school board trustees and third-party advertisers can now place election signs in accordance with City’s Election Signs Bylaw Number 2014-16, as amended.

Candidates are reminded that election signs must be located at least two metres (6.5 feet) from the travelled portion of a road and cannot be placed:

  • on a public sidewalk or in locations on, over or near a sidewalk so as to interfere with normal pedestrian traffic;
  • on utility poles, light standards, guardrails, hydrants, fences, trees or any other object or structure within a road allowance;
  • on a median or island within a road allowance;
  • in a Voting Place;
  • in a sight triangle as defined in the bylaw
  • on public property (except within the boulevard of a road allowance where signs can be placed, provided the signs are not closer than two metres from the travelled portion of the roadway); and
  • on or in a vehicle within 50 metres of a Voting Place on Advance Voting Day or Voting Day.

Enforcement matters: The City’s Election Signs Bylaw, authorizes the removal of any campaign signs that contravene the identification information or location requirements and any other provision of the Municipal Act or the Election Signs Bylaw. A Provincial Offences officer or any other individual designated by the City Clerk may remove the signs without notice.

Release: City of Kingston
PhotoNick Youngson via Alpha Stock Images (cc)