CRCA Update ‘Flood Watch’: Lakes Levels Appear Stabilized

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Loughborough Lake

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has updated their Flood Watch Statement today.

Lakes levels across the CRCA appear to have stabilized over the last few days, and are starting to fall. Minimal rainfall, coupled with falling stream flows, have allowed inflow and outflow to balance, stabilize the levels, and over the coming days these levels should continue to fall.

It is expected that lake levels will remain high throughout the Easter weekend and into next week, and CRCA staff recommend using caution around lakes and streams, slippery banks, and cold, fast flowing water.

There is rain in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, and if this rain does occur, it will prolong the high lake levels, and if heavy rainfall occurs, it may cause some lakes to start to rise again.

Widespread flooding is NOT expected as a result of current conditions. Watershed Managers will continue to monitor conditions, and forecasts, and update statements as needed. The removal of items stored in the floodplains of area watercourses and lakes is recommended.

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There are still some specific locations where the water levels are exceptionally high, they include:

  • Sydenham Lake
  • Loughborough Lake
  • Gananoque River – the reach between Marble Rock Dam and Gananoque Dam
  • Gananoque Lake
  • Charleston Lake
  • Black Creek/Wiltse Creek – Russell Road between the bridges over these creeks

A reminder to everyone that stream and river banks are slippery, water currents are strong, and the water itself remains dangerously cold. The CRCA urges residents to exercise extra caution outdoors around lakes and streams, and to stay off of the thinning ice cover and away from the cold, deep, fast flowing watercourses, as well as any dams. The dangers of drowning and hypothermia are heightened at this time of year because of the unpredictability of water flows, ice thickness and near-freezing temperatures.

This Flood Watch Statement will remain in effect until Wednesday April 19, 2017.

Release source: CRCA
Photo (Loughborough Lake – cropped): Michael Francis (cc)