Kingston City Councillors Tour Innovation Park

Published on: 2011/02/10 - in Releases
Dr. Michael E. Shannon, Medizone International's director of medical affairs, and Kingston Mayor Mark Gerretsen.

Kingston city councillors toured Innovation Park on Feb. 7. After an introductory presentation regarding Innovation Park that highlighted the opportunities for collaboration and economic development, councillors visited the laboratories of Medizone International Inc. and GreenCentre Canada.

Medizone is a research and development company that is developing an easily-transportable, cost-effective system to address hospital-acquired infections. Councillors learned that following almost 18 months of research conducted at Innovation Park, a new approach to surface decontamination has emerged. Based on results from preliminary beta tests conducted at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, Medizone’s new AspecticSure technology appears to hold great promise.

(Pictured) Dr. Michael E. Shannon explains the process to Kingston Mayor Mark Gerretsen during the tour. All research to date has been conducted at Medizone’s laboratory located in Innovation Park under the direction of Dr. Shannon, former director general for the Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada and a Queen’s alumnus.

During the tour of GreenCentre Canada, councillors had the opportunity to talk with researchers who, along with industry partners and commercialization professionals, are working to develop cleaner, less energy-intensive solutions for traditional chemical products and manufacturing processes.