Queen’s University Alumnae Co-Creates New Hit Board Game “Chai”

Published on: 2019/01/07 - in Releases

Calgary couple, Dan and Connie Kazmaier – who lived here in Kingston as a Queen’s University student – report the launch of their new board game, CHAI, which was one of December’s most popular crowd-funded projects in Canada:

RELEASE — For Calgary based board game creators Dan and Connie Kazmaier, bringing people together is at the centre of everything they do.

“We love board games and how they connect people,” says Dan. “When we talked about creating a game of our own, we realized that both games and tea are global activities that build community, and we wanted to merge the two.”

And so Chai was born.

Designed with families in mind, the tea-themed board game was the top Canadian project on Kickstarter (Canada’s largest crowd funding site) the week of December 10. Beating out over 17,000 other projects, Chai has received more than double the funding pledges the Kazmaiers were hoping for.

“It’s like a dream coming true,” says Connie, the game’s co-creator. “It’s been a ‘steep’ learning curve,” she laughs, “but the support we have received is overwhelming.”

Chai board game creators Dan and Connie Kazmaier

Chai is an hour-long game that imagines players as tea merchants aiming to make the perfect blend. Combining flavours like jasmine, lemon, and mint and finishing the cup with special ‘pantry items’ (honey, milk, vanilla, etc.), players win points and tips after fulfilling customers’ tea orders.

Filled with brightly coloured cards, coins, wooden pieces and teacups, the game is a delight for any family member.

“We thought a lot about making the game accessible and how we could celebrate diversi-tea” says Dan with a smile. “It’s colour-blind friendly, many of the characters on the cards represent different nationalities and ages, the artwork was designed by women, and we plan to release it in over a dozen languages.”

The international appeal didn’t come by accident. Dan and Connie say they created the game for and with community. “We had over 500 people in 26 countries try the game and are so thankful for all the support.”

Chai is available to be pre-ordered now and backers can expect their copy by Fall 2019

“We really wanted to contribute a way to build ‘communi-tea’ in the board game industry,” they say. “We hope you give the game a ‘chai’ with your family.”

Find Chai at chaiboardgame.com or via its Kickstarter page.

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