CECCE Schools Now Equipped with Automated External Defibrillators

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Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) issued the following release to announce all its schools are now equipped with automated external defibrillators / AEDs.

CECCE schools in Kingston include Marie-Rivier Catholic High School on Dalton Ave and Mgr-Rémi-Gaulin Catholic Elementary School on Virginia Street.

All Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) schools are now equipped with automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

The health and well-being of every student is a priority for the CECCE, which is why the board immediately took the initiative to install the units in each of its 55 schools despite lack of funding from the ministry. In addition, staff members in each school have been trained to administer first aid and use AEDs.

Although AEDs in public places in Canada are not yet legally required, the CECCE decided to make installing them a priority to ensure that all students and staff can get the care they need in case of an emergency. AEDs enable users to act fast before paramedics arrive, thereby increasing the likelihood of surviving cardiac arrest to 75%.

“Life is priceless. The board’s priority is to provide a safe and caring environment to every student. That is why the CECCE decided not to wait for a ministry directive to ensure that its schools were equipped with the tools to intervene in case of cardiac arrest,” said Réjean Sirois, CECCE Director of Education.

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CECCE administration with a CECCE AED
CECCE Superintendent of Education, Jason Dupuis, and manager of Health and Safety at work, Louis Barrière, with one of the Board’s AEDs.

Board Chair Johanne Lacombe pointed out that measures like this are important, especially since they reassure families that their children are safe. “Access to life-saving AEDs is clearly a concern for parents. School communities asked for these devices, and the board responded by installing AEDs and providing the necessary training to staff in all of its schools.”

The CECCE is a leader recognized for transforming the learning experience, for the excellence and caring of its Catholic schools, and for its synergy with the community.

With more than 23,500 students attending its 43 elementary schools and 12 high schools, as well as its school for adults, the CECCE is the largest Canadian network of French-language schools outside Quebec. CECCE students achieve the top test results in Ontario, and the board produces the highest number of francophone high school graduates in the province.

Release source: ecolecatholique.ca
Photo: Wikimedia Commons (cc)