Man Packages Cache of Drugs to Prepare for Arrest & Detainment

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Kingston Police posted a report today about one man’s attempt to prepare for the possibility of arrest by packaging a variety of narcotics in hopes of smuggling them into detention:

The things one gets into for a simple arrest.

Man on bicycle known to have outstanding bench warrants for his arrest in relation to failing to appear in court and breach of recognizance.

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Stopped, arrested and when searched plastic container had suspected crystal meth, heroin, marijuana and various prescription pills.

Male knew he was probably going to be arrested and had the container wrapped in tape and multiple condoms so it could be “hooped” (inserted into an orifice) so that it could be smuggled into the detention centre.

Backpack had more pills, a digital scale, additional dime bags, a cell phone and multiple tools including foldable bolt cutters, pliers, wrench, Allan key set, knife and flashlights.

Other than appearing to court on the outstanding arrest warrants he will now be facing further drug charges.

Photos source: Kingston Police