BlackBerry Getting Smooshed: Tech in Review for August 3rd

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RIM Loses Spot in Top 5: They Are Losing The Category They Created!

Monday: Bad news for Canadian tech company RIM, research group IDC is quoted as saying “Research In Motion’s BlackBerry unit decline continued last quarter, reaching levels not seen since 2009, Like Nokia, RIM is a company in transition.

Smartphones running on its new platform, BB 10, will be released later this year. Until then, results like these may be a sign of things to come”. A lot of faith has been put into BB 10, let’s hope this Berry hasn’t gone rotten.

Lack of Faith?: Founder of Developer Group Leaves RIM

Tuesday: Speaking of faith it seems TAT Founder Hampus Jakobsson may lack some when it comes to RIM and BB 10, an operating system his group TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) helped develop. RIM doesn’t seem worried and released this statement: “RIM can confirm that Hampus Jakobsson has left his role as Director, Strategic Alliances at RIM. We wish him the best.

The BlackBerry 10 UI team, which includes many members of The Astonishing Tribe, as well as others around the world, remains on track to deliver BlackBerry 10 in the first quarter of 2013″. I can think of a few reasons RIM isn’t worried, either they are so far into development his departure isn’t missed, they are putting on a brave face, or Hampus just wasn’t very good at his job. I’m willing to bet it’s the first option.

RIM is very straight forward (as far as tech companies go) and you don’t remain at a company like RIM if you aren’t at the top of your industry. Best of luck to him in his future endeavours!

RIM Will Close BlackBerry Stores: There Are BlackBerry Stores?

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Wednesday: Call me ignorant but I have never seen or heard of a BlackBerry store, maybe that lack of exposure is one of the reasons RIM is closing several North American retail stores. These difficult changes are necessary as we drive a program to reduce our operating expenditure by over $1-billion,? a RIM spokesperson said. Maybe people were getting confused when they saw “BlackBerry Store” and were disappointed when they found out the store didn’t sell the actual berries. Maybe to increase profits they could go into the fresh berry business? Sell them by the cup with a little ice cream or cool whip? I’d buy it.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Goes 4G: Now You Can Play With Your Book Even Faster!

Thursday: Starting next week you will have the chance to buy the new 4G BlackBerry PlayBook. They’ve increased the speed of the processor, dropped the 16GB and 64GB versions (only 32GB is available) and if the current playbook line is any indication it should be priced to sell. A combination of people demanding speed and functionality at a low price could, hopefully, mean strong sales. They face stiff competition from Google and Amazon, not to mention rumours Apple will be releasing a smaller, cheaper iPad. The tablet market has seen more corpses than Stalingrad, the PlayBook is a great tablet in every measurable sense, it’s just hard to challenge the juggernaut called iPad.

BlackBerry Smart Phones with Android? Nope! But Maybe with Windows 8?

Friday: That is probably also a no (considering how close RIM is to releasing BB10), which, if my math is correct, is 2 better than Windows 8. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said “We took the conscious decision not to go Android, If you look at other suppliers? ability to differentiate, there?s very little wiggle room.”. It’s a very good thing RIM didn’t switch over to Android because that would have really screwed up the organization of our website.
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