Further Delay to Launch of 2018 Dropbike Inc. Bike-Share Program

Published on: 2018/09/27 - in Releases

Dropbike bicycle sharing service

RELEASE — The City of Kingston has been informed by Dropbike Inc., the provider of Kingston’s bike-share program, that the launch of this year’s bike-share program will be further delayed until mid-to-late October.

The original delay was due to a manufacturer’s recall of some components on bikes destined for Kingston.

Dropbike Inc., has confirmed that the bikes are now ready and are in transit to its headquarters in Toronto. The City is working with Dropbike Inc. to have a light fleet of bikes in Kingston from mid-to-late October until Nov. 15, 2018. Both the City and Dropbike are committed to the bike-share program and will ensure it will be fully implemented in early 2019.

“We have been working with Dropbike to confirm the bikes are now safe and ready to use,” says Paul MacLatchy, the City’s environment director. “Even though the time residents have to use the bike-share service will be short, there will still be an opportunity for residents to try out a Dropbike this year and we will be fully ready to roll out again in the spring of 2019.”

“We remain fully committed to providing a world class mobility service that supports Kingston’s active transportation and carbon reduction goals. Although the riding season this year will be limited, as a token of our appreciation for Kingstonians, we will be offering the service at a steep discount to all riders this fall. We are pleased to say that all issues with our bikes have been addressed and the fleet is now in transit to Kingston,” says Emmett Meacher, director of business development & government relations for Drop Mobility.

Following a successful and popular bike-share pilot program in 2017, council approved the selection of Drop Mobility to provide a larger scale program in Kingston in 2018 through 2021. The Dropbike bike-share program is planning to provide more than 50 locations – called “havens” – where bikes may be rented for short-term use. The orange and white Dropbikes can be rented for a small fee through the use of Dropbike’s mobile app and can be returned to any haven location.

Release source: City of Kingston
Photo: Dropbike video screencap (Youtube)