City Program Marks 100th Building Permit Issued for Secondary Suite

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A hundred permits have been issued to build secondary suites since 2013. That’s when city council approved Official Plan policies and Zoning Bylaw provisions to encourage more of these affordable units – a key recommendation of the 10-Year Municipal Housing and Homelessness Plan.

“The issuance of the 100th building permit is great news for the City, since second residential units typically rent at more affordable rates compared to traditional purpose-built rental housing without any capital contribution from the City or ongoing public subsidy requirement,” says Sheldon Laidman, director, housing & social services Department.

Second residential units, also known as secondary suites, provide rental housing that serves various members of the community who need smaller, more affordably priced housing. Seniors, extended families, smaller households, single people, and in-house caregiver living arrangements can benefit from having a second residential unit available.

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To assist the public in developing safe, legal and functional second residential units that are compatible with existing neighbourhoods, the City has developed information guides available on the housing program’s webpage.

Also on the webpage, homeowners can find:

• an online mapping application showing where second residential units are permitted and where certain municipal approvals apply.
• links to related zoning and building permit information.
• information related to the Second Residential Unit Affordable Housing Grant Program.

Addressing the need for more affordable housing is one of the City’s corporate priorities and is outlined in the City’s 2016 Housing and Homelessness Report which can be found at

Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: Wikimedia Commons