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Performance Plants Inc Licenses Technology for Chinese Agriculture

Performance Plants Inc. (“PPI”), a leading global agricultural biotechnology provider with its R&D facilities in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, has entered into a commercial licensing agreement in corn and a four-year R&D collaborative licensing agreement in rice and soybean with a leading Chinese agricultural company Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd (DBN). DBN is a leader… Keep Reading


KEDCO Update: Week Ending July 15, 2011

HIGHLIGHTS OF RECENT PROGRESS & ACTIVITIES Business Development KEDCO was pleased to host the official signing ceremony for Performance Plants Inc. (PPI), a leading global agricultural biotechnology provider with R&D facilities in Kingston, who has entered into a commercial licensing agreement in corn and a four-year R&D collaborative licensing agreement in rice and soybean with… Keep Reading


Kingston Police Report Increase in “Gas & Dash” Thefts

Kingston Police are reporting an increasing amount of gas thefts, both through siphoning gas from parked vehicles and “gas and dash” thefts at gas stations. “The incidents of thefts reflect the price of gas as it goes up” said Cst. Joanne Geikie, of Kingston Police Force. The constable reports that thieves will fill their tanks… Keep Reading


Brain Chemical Pinpointed as Possible Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Researchers at Queen’s University have pinpointed the action of a particular brain chemical in a specific area of the brain as key in regulating anxiety. “We hope our finding will help pave the way for developing more selective treatments for anxiety disorders,” says Janet Menard, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. Dr. Menard’s team… Keep Reading


Bicycle Lane Sharrows to Be Added in Kingston

Bicycle Sharrow symbols are being painted on streets in Kingston to provide cyclists with cycling line-of-travel guidance and to remind motorists to share the road. The addition of these sharrows, which are the latest enhancement to the City’s cycling network, are to be completed in stages over the next couple of weeks. As the work… Keep Reading


Queen’s Trained Neuroscientist Awarded Best in Europe

Henrik Mouritsen has been recognized as the best young European neuroscientist under the age of forty at a recent awards ceremony in Germany. Dr. Mouritsen spent three years, 1999 – 2002, as a postdoctoral fellow in Queen’s Department of Psychology and Center for Neuroscience Studies. His recognized research is a continuation of work he began… Keep Reading


Dean of Health Sciences Honored for Surgical Innovations

The dean of Queen’s Faculty of Health Sciences recently joined a small, illustrious group of Canadians who have received an honorary fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. The College, founded in 1505, recognized Richard Reznick for his commitment to surgical education, simulation, research and academia. “I am humbled to be honoured by… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s Developed Solar Technology Certified in U.S. and Canada

A breakthrough solar photovoltaic technology has been awarded certification for use in Canada and the United States. The technology, a compact solar microinverter, enables more reliable, efficient power generation from solar PV systems. Microinverters are the heart of solar installations, converting direct current, harvested by the panel, into alternating current compatible with the electric utility… Keep Reading


Kingston Police Seek Assault Victim and Attackers

The Criminal Investigations Unit of Kingston City Police is seeking the public’s assistance for a robbery that occurred July 6th at 121 Cataraqui Street around 8:30 p.m. According to the department’s release, that evening an unknown victim attended the Beer Store on Cataraqui Street to discover it was closed. He was subsequently called over by… Keep Reading


Queen’s AMS & Safety Fund Expand Mental Health Training

The Mental Health Working Group is receiving $18,500 to expand the delivery of mental health education and training on campus starting this fall. The money comes from two sources: $17,000 from the provincial government through Queen’s Women’s Campus Safety Fund and $1,500 from Accessibility Queen’s, a committee under the Social Issues Commission of the AMS.… Keep Reading

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