Look for Municipal Election Voter Information Notices in the Mail

Published on: 2018/09/25 - in News

Voter Information Notices – informing you of when, where and how you can vote in the upcoming municipal election – have been mailed out, according to the City of Kingston.

These notices feature information such as Voting Day (Oct. 22), Advance Voting Day (Oct. 13), voting times, and instructions for voting online. Voting locations are specific to each elector’s voting district.

The City advises that bringing your Voter Information Notice will speed up the voting process when you go to vote. However, you will also need to accompany your Voter Information Notice with an acceptable identification document, such as an Ontario Driver’s Licence or an Ontario Health Card (photo card). Additional acceptable forms of identification can be found at CityofKingston.ca/Vote.

Everyone on the Kingston Voters’ List as of Sept. 20 will receive a Voter Information Notice. If you do not receive a notice, your name may not be on the Voters’ List.

You can check to confirm you’re on the list at CityofKingston.ca/Vote, or at City Hall, or the municipal office at 1211 John Counter Blvd.

If you are not on the list, it can be added by completing the Application to Amend the Voters’ List which is available at the above locations.

It is also possible to be added to the Voters’ list while at your voting place, as long as proper identification is presented. However, this will take longer and may contribute to longer lineups for all electors.

If you are on the list, but did not receive your Voter Information Notice, contact the Elections Office at elections@cityofkingston.ca or phone 613-546-4291, ext. 1430.

Anyone using Kingston Transit to get to a voting location can show their Voter Information Notice on either Voting Day (Oct. 13 or Oct. 22) to ride there for free. You can plan the bus trip with Google Transit.

Photo: Nick Youngson via Alpha Stock Images (cc)