Utilities Kingston and Hydro One Customers Targeted by Scammers

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Utilities Kingston is warning customers of a recent phone scam that involves the caller demanding immediate payment for utilities.

Several customers have reported receiving such calls, with the scammer claiming to represent Utilities Kingston or Hydro One and threatening to have the person’s utilities disconnected unless they immediately provide payment.

If you receive this type of call, Utilities Kingston advises you to not provide any personal information, including utility or credit card account numbers, to collect any information possible about the caller, and then notify your utilities provider.

Utilities Kingston states its standard procedure for long overdue accounts is to provide multiple notices prior to disconnection. A final notice will be sent to the service address prior to any disconnection and payments for long overdue accounts should be made at City Hall or via Paymentus, its third-party credit card payment provider.

Contact information and additional tips to help prevent fraud can be found at UtilitiesKingston.com. and contact details for Hydro One are at www.hydroone.com.

Photo: Tom Stefanac (cc)