Over 350 Trees to be Planted Along Urban K&P Trail

Published on: 2016/11/18 - in News

Doug Fluhrer Park, KP Trail Project 1

City of Kingston contractors are scheduled to plant 350 new trees and 750 shrubs along the newly constructed portions of the urban K&P Trail this month .

This work will include paving the trail in Doug Fluhrer Park in the last two weeks of November, weather permitting, and restoration of the old gravel lane from Douglas Fluhrer Park to Cataraqui Street.

That gravel lane has been used by the contractor to access this construction zone, and it will be restored to ensure proper drainage and to make it safe for cyclists and pedestrians to use.

“We’ve made good progress on the trail this fall and are on schedule to complete landscaping and paving of the trail by the end of the year,” said manager, parks development, Neal Unsworth.

The city will also install vehicle control barriers on this lane prevent cars from entering while allowing access to cyclists and pedestrians.

From its beginnings back in the 1800s, the K & P Trail – originally named the Kingston and Pembroke railway right-of-way – was a railway track for steam engines.

When the line was discontinued, the tracks were removed and it became a popular trail for recreational use. Now owned by the City of Kingston, the trail is set to be an important connector to the Eastern Ontario Trail Network.

The K & P Trail can be enjoyed by walking, hiking, cycling, horse-back riding and cross-country skiing along the scenic path featuring forests, rock cuts and wetlands.

For more information about the urban extension of the K&P Trail, check out this City of Kingston page and also see the K&P Trail brochure (pdf).

Photo source: City’s Urban K&P Trail page [Doug Fluhrer Park, KP Trail Project 1]