Tommy’s Restaurant Closing Oct. 23 for Flood-Related Renovations

Published on: 2018/10/12 - in News

In an interview with the Kingston Herald, the owner of a popular Kingston bar and food spot expressed his frustration after flooding forced him to close his doors.

On October 23, Tommy’s on Princess Street will shut its doors for an unspecified period of time – currently estimated to be at least two months. The forced closure comes as a result of flooding which took place on the premises on August 4.

Speaking to the Herald, Tommy Hunter said he was extremely disappointed at the way things had turned out.

“I’m obviously super disappointed that I have to close for 2 months,” said Hunter. “This business has been my whole life since I first started applying for leases, licenses and permits 8 years ago this month. In the grand scheme of things it’s just a hiccup, but it’s a big hiccup.”

In an emotive Facebook post earlier this month, he expressed anger about the cause of the flooding which forced him to close and try to find alternative employment for his staff:

I try to always stay positive on Facebook, but it’s time to point the finger where the blame belongs.

The flood was caused by carelessness on the part of Corcoran Construction. Everyone makes mistakes, to error is human. It’s how these mistakes are handled that define us. While Corcoran admitted their mistake, they’ve done nothing else to rectify the situation.

Brian’s Record Option has been closed for almost 2 months, Pita Grill is closed permanently, and now I’ll be closing, leaving my 19 staff unemployed.

However, speaking to the Kingston Herald after sharing that post, Hunter was pleased to report he has since found temporary employment for all staff members.

“I’ve managed to find temporary jobs for all my staff, so that weight is off my shoulders now – that was my number one concern.”

The closure, which may well see Tommy’s closed until Christmas, is to accommodate a series of necessary renovations. Tommy explained the frustrating procedures that must be done.

“Renovation conversations with insurance adjusters and restoration companies are always annoying,” Hunter said. “On one hand you have the insurance companies that wanna pay out as little as possible. On the other hand you have the restoration company who want to milk the insurance company for everything they can get.”

“The insurance recommended company gave the job a 3 month timeline. So i opted to get my own construction company that come highly recommended and they’re saying 2 months on the high end. All the booths, bar and kitchen equipment will need to be removed in order to cut out the walls from 4 feet down to the floor. I believe the floors will need to come up and be replaced as well because the water got underneath, lifted the tiles and caused them to crack.”

Tommy’s will close for renovation on October 23 and will remain closed for an estimated two months.

The Kingston Herald reached out to Len Corcoran Excavating Ltd. regarding Mr. Hunter’s statement and will update this article with any response upon receipt.

Photo source: Tommy’s on Facebook