Proposed Third Crossing Updates Being Provided at Open Houses

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Kingston proposed third crossing (bridge)

The public is invited to review and provide input on the City’s newest project work for the proposed Third (Bridge) Crossing.

Feedback is being sought, and information provided by the project team, for the bridge’s preliminary design and environmental considerations, results of the business plan – which includes findings from the cost-benefit and economic impact analysis, as well as details about the financial plan and the preferred project delivery model – and how public input received up until now has been incorporated.

“Work is continuing on the draft reports for both the business plan and preliminary design reflecting the input we’ve received to date,” said director of engineering, Mark Van Buren, in a release. “We know there is a lot of interest in the results coming from these reports and we look forward to providing an overview of this information at the upcoming open houses.”

“The existing cost estimate for the Third Crossing is based on the 2011 Environment Assessment Study information and residents can anticipate a higher cost for the project in current dollars,” added Van Buren. “Work will continue over the next few weeks to complete the updated cost estimate for the project and information sheets with this will be posted on the city’s website the week before the open houses in April.”

Residents will also receive the preliminary design and business plan draft reports on May 3rd.

The reports will feature an updated project cost estimate based on work still in progress. Once completed, this updated estimate will include “construction cost inflation and additional environmental considerations and mitigation measures that will help to minimize the proposed project’s impact both during and after construction.”

The draft reports will be available to view online at once they are completed.

After hearing from several residents following the first public open house, who encouraged the City to have the next open house in a different location, Van Buren said there will be two upcoming open houses – one in the east and one in a central part of the city – to enable residents more easily participate.

The next open houses are scheduled for:

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• 6 to 9 p.m. April 26 – LCVI (Cafeteria), 153 Van Order Drive
• 6 to 9 p.m. April 27 – École Sir John A. Macdonald, 529 St. Martha Street (east of Hwy 15)

City of Kingston update information:

The City of Kingston has created three information sheets offering a high-level overview of the draft reports outlining the strategic case, preliminary design and the business plan for the proposed Third Crossing project.

“As work continues on the draft reports, we want to give residents a first look at the high level information that makes up the draft reports on the preliminary design and business plan for the Third Crossing,” says Mark Van Buren, director of engineering. “We look forward to hearing from residents and getting their feedback at the upcoming open houses where some of this information will be laid out in greater detail.”

Staff will be on hand at the open houses to speak to all aspects of the work to make the proposed bridge over the Cataraqui River shovel-ready – a priority set by city council. Each information sheet outlines a specific piece of work:

1. The strategic case for the proposed Third Crossing provides information on why the Third Crossing is needed. It summarizes previous studies and the considerations that support the need to add transportation capacity across the Cataraqui River.

2. The preliminary design and cost estimate looks at the technical feasibility of the project and an overview of the work guiding the preliminary design, including: the evolution of the design work and the updated cost estimate. The updated cost estimate for the Third Crossing is $180M in 2019 dollars, the anticipated year of construction.

3. The business plan offers an overview of the cost-benefit, economic impact and procurement options analyses for the Third Crossing. It shows how the project has been considered and factored into the City’s long-range financial plan. The economic feasibility analyses will help decide whether the project is a good investment for Kingston and its potential funding partners.

The information sheets are available at and will also be available at the above listed Third Crossing open house.

Image (artist rendition of proposed 3rd crossing) via City of Kingston