Trudeau Announces Multiple Roles for Kingston MP Ted Hsu

Published on: 2013/08/22 - in Featured News

M.P. Ted Hsu has posted a list of his new responsibilities in the Liberal caucus as announced by Liberal party leader, Justin Trudeau.

Hsu, the Federal member of parliament for Kingston & The Islands, not only retained the critic role he inherited from Trudeau when he was appointed leader, but also the original portfolio Hsu held after being elected in 2011.

Those original roles included Science and Technology critic – very relevant to Hsu, who is a former physics researcher – and, as he points out in a blog post, funding for research is an important for the economy for Kingston and the Islands.

The other portfolio returned to him is that of Ontario Economic Development critic (FedDev for southern Ontario and FedNor for northern Ontario), which he notes having additional experience with from before being elected and was running a sustainable energy association (SWITCH) in Kingston.

He will continue to hold onto the critic role originally held by Justin Trudeau: Post Secondary Education critic.

In his post, Hsu wrote of that responsibility, “I am very pleased to continue this role which I took over from Justin Trudeau when he became leader. Kingston and the Islands has two universities and one college, including Canada’s only federally run university (Royal Military College of Canada).”

The additional duties Ted Hsu has been given include Caucus Accountability Officer, who reports to the Liberal Party of Canada on how the party’s policies have been implemented by Caucus, and the role of Ontario Caucus Chair, which he describes by writing: “I chair weekly meetings of the Ontario caucus to discuss issues of special relevance to the people of Ontario and to bring these issues to attention of the party leader and national caucus.”

In 2011, Ted Hsu was voted 1st Runner Up (Rookie of the Year) by Maclean’s and L’actualité magazines at the Parliamentarians of the Year awards.  The magazines awarded him 1st Runner Up in the “Rising Star” category at their November 2012 ceremonies.

Read Ted Hsu’s blog post here


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