Ski-Masked Youth Arrested for Shooting Woman with a BB Gun

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Kingston Police reported this morning that a ski mask wearing 17-year-old local male has been arrested after using a BB gun to shoot a woman.

According to police, the accused was a passenger in a vehicle along with three other individuals during the early morning of Wednesday, August 9.

At one point, the vehicle stopped on Grenadier Drive (street map)and the male exited to enter an unlocked vehicle and take a wallet from inside.

At approximately 3 am, the vehicle drove past a parked vehicle on Union Street (map) where the ski-mask wearing accused got out and fired three shots from a BB gun, hitting the arm of a woman inside and damaging the car. The male then laughed and returned to his vehicle.

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Kingston Police were contacted and the vehicle was soon located traveling northbound on Highway 15 (map). The youth was identified and arrested.

During a search of the vehicle officers found a loaded BB gun, CO2 cartridges, approximately 6000 BB’s and the wallet stolen from Grenadier Drive.

The accused was charged with possession of a weapon, pointing a firearm, assault with a weapon, disguise with intent, discharging air gun with intent, mischief, theft, and possession of stolen property.

Police report other thefts may have occurred east of the city overnight, and anyone discovery a theft from their vehicle is asked to file a report by calling 613-549-4660 extension 0 or online at the department’s crime report page.

Learn more about Kingston Police at its website, on Facebook, or by following @KingstonPolice on Twitter.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons