City Restoring Eroded Shoreline Along Bath Road

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Work will soon begin to restore a stretch of eroded shoreline along Bath Road that was affected during the period of high water levels experienced over the summer.

The section to be restored is an approximately 300 metre stretch between George’s Marina and 4002 Bath Rd.

Strech of Bath Rd to have shore restoration work

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Wildlife will be protected and kept away from the construction by installing silt fencing. The work will require the closure of an eastbound lane along that section of Bath Road that is expected to continue until mid-December.

“This is just one of the projects the City needs to undertake to address damage due to spring flooding,” said Mark Campbell, the City’s acting director of engineering, in a release. “We continue to collect information to prioritize projects linked to this year’s high water levels.”

Campbell added that the City has obtained the necessary permits and consulted with all agencies with an interest in shoreline work.

Local areas where bodies of water meet with roadways – especially where the roads run alongside the lake, are being surveyed and the results of those investigations will be made public later this year.

Photo/map: Google