Community Ideas Sought to Reduce Waste from Single-Use Plastics

Published on: 2019/03/25 - in News

The City of Kingston is seeking ideas from the community to reduce the use and waste created by single-use plastics.

Single-use plastics are not easily recycled due to their use, size or materials and typically used just once. Such items include plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, coffee pods, and take-out and retail food packaging.

“As the City begins examining what it can do to reduce the prevalence of SUPs and their fates as litter or landfill, we want to know what measures citizens are already using or plan to use,” said Paul MacLatchy, environment director, in a release.

The public can submit their ideas to reduce the use of single-use plastics – as well reviewing a news feed to learn what other municipalities are doing and sign up to receive project updates – at

Suggestions will be featured in a staff report to the environment, infrastructure & transportation policies committee in 2019 that was prompted by a motion from council in response to concerns expressed by residents in spring of 2018.

Photo (edited): Pxhere (cc)