City Reminding Residents to Recycle Aluminum and Paper

Published on: 2020/09/28 - in News

The City of Kingston wants to see more aluminum being recycled in the Blue Box and more mixed paper in your Grey Box.

Aluminum foil, cans and trays go in the Blue Box, with the City reminding residents that aluminum can be recycled again and again while waste audits revealed that 43 percent of Kingston’s aluminum items end up in landfill.

That amount of aluminum is equal to approximately 13.4 million pop cans with a value of about $275,000 on the recycling market. The City says having those items in the Blue Box would save 129.5 Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), which is the equivalent of taking 28 cars off the road each year.

Mixed paper goes in the Grey Box, including office paper, envelopes, paperback booklets and other mixed paper that can be recycled, such as newspapers. 45 percent of these items end up in landfill, which is about 11,775 trees worth of wasted paper. Recycling these items by putting them out in the Grey Box would save 125.5 Tonnes of GHGs, equal to taking 27 cars off the road each year. It would also earn the City $8,400 while saving it $42,000 in disposal fees.

“Waste not YGK! When you put an aluminum can or an envelope into the garbage instead of a recycling box, you waste its potential to be made into something else. You also literally throw away money, as these items have value on the recycling market,” said Brandi Timpson, Acting Director, Solid Waste Services. “Please help us capture more of these items and keep them out of landfill where they contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.”

You can find out where your recycling goes by checking the City’s Waste Lookup page.

Image (video): City of Kingston