Queen’s Holding Town Hall Meeting to Decide Future

Published on: 2010/06/28 - in News

A town hall meeting will be hosted next month by the six members of the Academic Writing Team as they continue to gather input from the Queen’s community about future directions for the university.

The meeting – open to faculty, staff and students – will take place on Monday July 12 from 10-11:30 am in room 202 of the Robert Sutherland Building at 138 Union St.

“We encourage everyone to come and talk about their ideas about next steps for Queen’s,” said Biology professor, John Smol. “Over the summer, we’re going to try to develop points of explorations and discussion for the entire Queen’s community guided by the input we are, and will be receiving, as well as the response to the Principal’s vision statement that we have been poring over.”

Professor Smol, along with his Queen’s colleagues Tim Bryant, Jill Scott, Kim Nossal, Yolande Chan, and Michael Adams have been meeting almost every week since the end of April.

“We have talked as a group for many hours,” says Professor Bryant. “We’ve also read through the binders of responses to the Principal’s ‘Where Next?’ [Academic plan]. They are really impressive. We recognize and appreciate how much effort has gone into them. They are thoughtful, and thought-provoking.”

The team will be submitting its document to Principal Daniel Woolf before the start of the fall term and there will be cross-campus discussions about it over the fall.