Queen’s Alumn is Now Queen’s Governor General

Published on: 2010/10/04 - in News

OTTAWA — On Friday, David Johnston was appointed the new Governor General of Canada and accepted his new role “with joy…and with gratitude” as he gave his first speech to the Senate as the 28th GG of Canada.

Speaking just moments after he taking the oath of office from Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Johnston paid tribute to the men and women of the Canadian armed forces. He also paid tribute to many of his predecessors, including the most recent Governor General, Michaelle Jean.

In addition, Johnston said in his speech that Canada was a country that is “smart and caring” and where “all Canadians can grow their talents to the maximum.”

During his speech, the new Governor General also placed much emphasis on the value of service to community, family and country. He hopes that in his new role he is able to support families and children, to reinforce learning and innovation, and to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism.

The 28th Governor General of Canada also called on everyone to recognize the importance of teachers in the community, saying “During my term, we will find ways to properly recognize our teachers who are responsible for our intellectual development. If there is one trumpet call from my remarks today let it be: cherish our teachers.”

Johnston also took this opportunity to talk a little about his family as he introduced all 5 of his daughters and 7 grandchildren.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated that the new Governor General is “a true all-rounder” and is proud that Johnston – who has devoted so much to service – is finally in this new  role.

Johnston received his law degree from  Queen’s University in 1966 and then taught in the Faculty of Law for two years before moving into academic positions at the University of Toronto, Western, and McGill.