Introducing OSKAR – Kingston’s Mobile Waste Diversion Station

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Mobile Waste Diversion Station

The City of Kingston has chosen a name for its new mobile waste diversion station based a suggestion provided in an online poll.

Although a lot of Kingstonians voted for some of the generic names suggested by the City, it chose a name that was suggested by several members of the community instead.

“Not to be mistaken for the angry character living in a garbage can on a beloved children show,” posted the City. “This OSKAR is serious about collecting recyclables and organics generated at events. This guy does not want any garbage!”

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“It was so heart-warming to see how excited everyone is to be involved with this waste-diversion piece of equipment, said Heather Roberts, manager of solid waste, in a release. “I couldn’t go anywhere the last two weeks without someone asking me what the name will be, or suggesting a name to me. It was awesome.”

The one week poll to name the mobile station received 756 participants along with many more offering name ideas on social media.

Some of the creative names suggested by the public included:

Derek2, Wastey McWaste Face, Trashy McTrashy Trailer, Green Monster, Oscar, Greenie McGreenface, Kelly the litter saver, Recycly Jabour!!!, Recycley McRecyclface, Green Face McMachine Face, Super Green Munchin Machine, The Green Machine (this one is owned by TD Bank), Mr. Green Waste Bin, Phil-up, Wheelie Waste-Mobile (WWM), Compost McCompost Face, Garbage McGarbageface and Donald.

OSKAR can be used to recycle or compost at City events. Subject to availability, he can also be requested by contacting customer service at 613-546-0000.

Additional ways to book OKSAR will be posted by the City by spring of 2018.

Photo: City of Kingston