Ontario Government Gives Kingston $80K to Go Green

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St. Lawrence College

A community-based, youth-led social marketing program at St. Lawrence College is receiving $64,750 to help Kingston go green.

The program has the goal of making Kingston the most sustainable city in Canada through curriculum activities, door-to-door campaigns and pledges to reduce carbon consumption.

Kingston’s Alternative Energy Cluster, SWITCH, will also receive $16,728 to organize the “1000 solar Rooftops Challenge“. The challenge is aimed at local homeowners, businesses, institutions and industry with the intention of fitting solar systems on their roofs and make Kingston the first city of its size to install 1,000 solar thermal or photovoltaic technologies.

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The program is part of Ontario’s Community Go Green Fund to support projects that will help the Province switch to a lower-carbon lifestyle and reduce their impact on climate change.

The city will also receive $2 million in gas tax revenues for 2009/10. This money is allocated to expand and improve transit services in Kingston in hopes people will use less fuel and ease traffic gridlock.

John Gerretsen, MPP, Kingston and The Islands, and Minister of the Environment for Ontario said “Environmental action begins at home and in the community and we’re funding a unique variety of projects that will motivate our residents to join in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Chris Whitaker, President and CEO at St. Lawrence College, praised the venture for creating jobs for students and giving Kingston the chance to become Canada’s most sustainable city.

Ted Hsu, the Executive Director at SWITCH Kingston, added that the 1000 Solar Rooftops Challenge will make Kingston a leader in the adoption of solar energy and bring green jobs to Ontario.

Kingston Mayor Harvey Rosen said he is grateful for the continued increase in provincial gas tax support for the city.