New On-the-Go Recycling Depots Being Installed Around Kingston

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The City of Kingston has announced new recycling depots are now being installed around town, enabling the public to recycle their waste while on-the-go.

The new depots are similar to the ones already featured in the downtown core for years and will be installed this spring along high-traffic bus routes and in popular parks and splash pads.

“We know Kingston residents are really smart about recycling at home, so we are excited to give people more opportunities to keep recycling while out-and-about,” said Heather Roberts, director of solid waste, in a City release. “Just like at home, our new recycling depots are separated for blue and grey box items.” The depots have separate compartments for waste items that are prominently marked to ensure items are correctly separated.

New recycling depots will be placed at some Kingston Transit Express Route stops to allow transit riders a convenient way to divert their recyclables from landfill during bus travel.

The City also offers residents the ability to receive reminders for recycling at home. Sign up at its ‘Collection’ page or by downloading the Kingston Waste app at Google Play or the App Store. You can find information about sorting waste for recycling at the ‘Waste Lookup’ page.

UPDATE: The City of Kingston has posted the following video with additional information about on-the-go recycling depots:

Image: City of Kingston video