Kingston Police Alert Public about Men Begging for Gas Money

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Gas pump

Kingston Police has issued an alert informing the public about suspicious activity involving men begging for money to purchase gas.

There are reports of two men who have approached people in local parking lots and attempting to stop drivers on Highway 401 ramps.

Police describe the behaviour of the men as distracting, as they “frantically yell and plead for money to buy fuel”.

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The individuals have offered jewelry as collateral if the person is willing to go to an ATM machine to get money, however the jewelry is suspected to be fake and in one case the men put the fake jewelry on a woman and may have removed removed her jewelry in the process.

The suspects were described as being West Asian in appearance, one in his 30s and the other in his 60s, and have been seen in a silver Mercedes and a white SUV.

Police ask that if you see these men – who appear to be targeting elderly people – attempt to obtain a licence plate and contact police as soon as possible.

Photo: Petr Kratochvil (cc)