Council Meeting to Consider Referendum Question on Ranked Ballot Voting

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Kingston City Hall

Kingston’s city council will be holding a special meeting to consider placing a referendum question about Ranked Ballot Voting on the 2018 municipal election Ballot.

The referendum question being considered and to be discussed at the February 6th meeting is: “Are you in favour of using Ranked Ballot Voting to elect the mayor and district councillors in the city of Kingston? Yes. No.”

A continuing public awareness campaign to explain how Ranked Ballot Voting works is being conducted by the City, including hosting open houses, posting social media messages, and a video explaining ranked ballot voting (see below).

“If the question is approved for placement, then Kingstonians voting in the October 2018 municipal election will indicate whether or not they are in favour of Ranked Ballot Voting in future elections,” said John Bolognone, city clerk, in a release.

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Council may decide to use Ranked Ballot Voting in the 2022 election if over 50% of eligible Kingston voters answer “yes” to this question on the municipal ballot.

February 7 Update:

To find out more about Ranked Ballot Voting and why Kingston is considering holding a referendum on it, visit

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Laslovarga (cc)