Masked Man Forces Victim to Bank Machines at Knife Point

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handcuffs on a table

A 38-year-old Kingston man, who led his victim at knife point from one bank machine to another, was located and arrested by police within minutes of the crime early this morning.

The incident began at approximately 3:00 am on March 9th, when the victim was walking on the north side of Princess Street between University Ave and Division Street and suddenly confronted by a man wearing a black skull mask.

According to a police report, the man held a knife to the victim’s throat and demanded money, however only a small amount of cash was in the person’s possession. The victim was then led at knife point to a nearby ATM just east of Division Street to attain more money.

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The machine appeared to malfunction and, after threatening to stab the victim, the two then proceeded to another ATM close by. No money was collected from that machine either, at which point the man became frustrated and fled the scene.

Kingston Police were immediately notified and quickly responded to the area where an unmasked male fitting the description was spotted riding a bicycle westbound on Princess Street.

He refused to stop for officers and, after being pursued through a number of streets downtown, lost control of his bicycle at the intersection of Ellice and Division Streets.

The man was searched and a face mask, knife, crystal methamphetamine, and a small quantity cash were found.

He was transported to Kingston Police headquarters and held to attend a bail hearing for charges that include robbery, possession of weapon, wearing a face mask to commit an offence, possession of a prohibited weapons, and possession of a controlled drug.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons