Limestone District School Board 2011 HEAL Awards Announced

Published on: 2011/09/15 - in News

The Limestone District School Board is congratulating students and staff at Perth Road, Frontenac, Centennial, H.H. Langford, Sandhurst, Lancaster Drive Public Schools, Module Vanier, Sharbot Lake High School, and North Addington Education Centre for receiving this year’s HEAL (Healthy Education and Active Living) Award.

The HEAL Award honors schools that have worked hard to make a learning environment that promotes health and wellness as well as academic skills.

These schools were recognized for their efforts by Trustees and senior staff at a board meeting held September 14.

According to a LDSB release, research proves that healthy students are better students who tend to be more productive in school and more successful as they grow up.

To support this fact, and to encourage schools to examine their student environment, this local Healthy Schools award was created.

This year is the fourth year for distribution of HEAL awards to entitled schools. All schools that receive the HEAL award are also recognized provincial by the Ministry of Education as a healthy school.

A total of 25 elementary and secondary schools across the region received the HEAL award for the 2010-11 school year. Eight of these schools are first time winners and received a HEAL flag and a monetary donation to assist with healthy school programs. Second and third time recipients were awarded a HEAL decal and a gift certification for physical activity resources.