Mayor Gerretsen Creates Kingston Task Force on Development

Published on: 2011/12/01 - in News

A “Mayor’s Task Force on Development” has been established by Kingston Mayor Mark Gerretsen. The Task Force is scheduled to go before Kingston City Council for budget approval during its Tuesday, December 6 meeting.

The six person task force is comprised of two members of Kingston City Council and four members of the public. The group was chosen by Mayor Gerretsen to examine the issues and challenges that development opportunities are faced with while working within the current policies and practises in the City.

“City Council has set Enabling Economic Development as one of its six priorities for this term,” said Mayor Mark Gerretsen.  “Our strategic plan states that we are “Open for business”.  Unfortunately, a perception exists in our community and beyond that perhaps the reality is quite different.  Through the research and deliberations of the task force, I am certain that once the report comes back to Council within the 12 month time frame, we will all have a clearer sense of which of our practices work well for developers and which ones need to be adjusted.”

The Mayor’s task force will be slated to to identify and analyse the best practises in the planning and development approvals policies and processes of five comparable Ontario municipalities.  The public’s feedback will be sought during the group’s deliberations. When completed, the task force will present a set of specific recommendations to the Mayor and Council for their consideration.

City Councillor Kevin George will be serving as the task force’s Chair, while City Councillor Bryan Paterson will serve as the Vice Chair.

Other members of the task force include Derek Winton and Megan Knott, as Community Champions, Margo Watson, as a Consulting Representative, and Neal Ritchie, as a Development Representative.

“I am extremely confident that the Mayor’s Task Force on Development will make valuable recommendations that will help Kingston build a new image of action and efficiency.” said Mayor Gerretsen.