Residents to be Informed when Weather will Affect Winter Maintenance

Published on: 2018/12/12 - in News

This winter, the City of Kingston will be declaring when a weather event is “significant” – advising the community to use extra caution and reminding residents that winter maintenance service levels for roads and sidewalks may not be met.

The policy is a result of provincial legislation that was updated this past May.

A winter weather event will be deemed significant after the City reviews a regional alert from Environment Canada and determines that the weather in Kingston warrants such a declaration.

“The City has a winter maintenance policy based on the Provincial standards and it outlines service levels for clearing roads and sidewalks,” said Bill Linnen, acting director, public works, in a release. “Declaring a weather event ‘significant,’ signals the public that we may not be able to meet our service level standards.”

“The safety of the public remains a priority for the City and every reasonable effort will always be made to meet the winter maintenance service levels,” Linnen added.

A weather event will be considered ‘significant’ based on approaching or occurring weather hazard that has the potential to pose a significant danger to the users of highways (streets) within a municipality. Environment Canada will also issue an alert under its Public Weather Alerting Program when it determines a weather hazard is expected.

You can view the City’s Winter Maintenance Policy and learn more about the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards at

The City of Kingston provides information to residents on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo (cropped) via Flickr (cc)